About us

Huddle Hero is an online community for sports teams participating in leagues across youth, collegiate, intramural, adult and amateur play. It was born out of the frustration with poorly designed league websites that put participating teams last. Add to that the headache of managing your team - getting enough players to show up each game or collecting dues for league fees, and the fun in playing the sport you love is all but gone.

So Huddle Hero has stepped in, empowering managers to interact with their players, and giving teams a fresh home to check schedules, scores, opponents, rank, and other quintessential facts for the sports enthusiast in all of us.

Huddle Hero – Less Work, More Play

Our Team

Milo K.
Co-founder, Product Lead

Sport Obsession: Soccer

About: It’s simple, I love sports. I might not be good at all of them, but I nonetheless enjoy playing anything with a ball, and especially when there are teammates around. I’ve been playing soccer all my life, including D1 in college, and continue to chase the ball across Bay Area adult leagues.

Geek-out: Data and especially sports data. A good weekend read is the stats section on the latest Premier League clash, the breakdown of Kobe’s shot selection against the Celtics, or comparing pass percentage of my Sunday team against that of FC Barcelona (no, we have never gotten close...)

Favorite Player(s): Lionel Messi & Andres Iniesta

Max C.
Co-founder, Technical Lead

Sport Obsession: Football

About: What can be better than using data to make good things happen? I love staying active, so empowering team play through data is a natural merger of interests for me. I’ve co-founded several other companies before Huddle Hero, and most recently led the data visualization work at Nest (think thermostats).

Geek-out: I began programming at age six, and wrote my first game in BASIC at age eight. I love anything javascript and making data come alive.

Favorite Player(s): John Elway (past) & Peyton Manning (present)

Alex L.
Co-founder, Technical Guru

About: I try to keep up with at least one (European) football match each week, and can be found playing more “table sport” than anything else these days (i.e. a good steak and glass of beer). Huddle Hero is an extension of my passion for getting people together - let’s go!

Geek-out: I love building teams and online businesses in particular. Over 10 years of mobilizing fellow hackers.

Gabi C.
Engineering Lead

Sport Obsession: Basketball

About: When I’m not writing code, I’m gaming. I make it outside pretty often for a hacker, and love the team spirit Huddle Hero furthers.

Geek-out: Code, Ship, Repeat

Favorite Player(s): Michael Jordan (past) & Kobe Bryant (present)